DADCA's £1.1M bid to the Big Lottery's "Growing Community Assets" (GCA) fund last September was unsuccessful, largely because the GCA funding round was coming to an end which imposed time constraints affecting our ability to assemble our whole £2.1M funding package. 

After meeting all the recommendations of the first failed bid and re-drawing the plans to reduce the size and cost of the planned building DADCA's second bid to the Big Lottery Fund's new "Community Assets" funding stream, was also rejected in December because it could not demonstrate how a new hall would make sufficient difference to lack of equality and to any disadvantage in our area. We are all deeply disappointed by this decision and saddened that Dornoch is now unlikely to get the hall it deserves and needs in the near future.  


You can see all the proposed plans and the history of the project by selecting the Plans and History button below. Likewise click the colour image to see a full set of 3D images provided by our Architect.

Plans and History


Welcome to DADCA. We are a volunteer run charity whose twin aims are to establish and maintain a community building in Dornoch and to help promote and encourage voluntary groups and individuals active within the Dornoch area.

Our main asset is the Dornoch Social Club. The building was originally the school but for many years it has been used for social and recreational purposes. The Social Club was refurbished in 1980 but recent surveys estimate that in excess of £1,000,000 of renovation work may be required to bring it up to current standards.

In 2009 we secured funding from the Highland LEADER fund to undertake a Feasibility Study into a replacement community building, which eventually lead to a successful bid to the Big Lottery Fund in early 2014 for initial funding for the design stage for our new build project

We are most grateful for the tremendous support received from our great community.


Thanks to all our funders :-  

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