Dornoch Community Garden

The Dornoch Community Garden was established in 2014 when the Glebe Field was secured by DADCA on a 99 year lease from the Dornoch Golf Club. The Community Garden comprises of 15 garden plots of various sizes and an orchard of heritage fruit trees. In addition, a wild fruit hedge and some ten deciduous saplings have been planted. A wild flower meadow is in the process of being established.

The Dornoch Community Garden endeavours to establish a thriving and attractive space for the benefit of Dornoch residents who wish to grow their own vegetables, herbs and flowers. The Community Garden especially welcomes new gardeners, families with young children, and the less able to grow vegetables and to promote a healthy life style. Gardeners are encouraged to grow organically, with minimal use of chemicals, and with a mind to supporting insect and birdlife on the Glebe field.

With various grants and fund-raising over the years, the Community Garden now has a large communal shed, a few tools for communal use, picnic tables, wind breaks fencing  and a gazebo

The Community Garden has a stall on the summer community markets held on the Cathedral Green to sell soft fruit, vegetables, flowers and homemade preserves. The stall helps to raise awareness to the local community and funds to help manage the Community Garden.

Anyone interested in growing their own produce or in volunteering should contact

Watson Bell at: wat_bell@msn.com or telephone at: 07836 789113


For documents pertaining to the Dornoch Community Gardens, please click below:

Application Form

Dornoch Community Gardens Rules

Dornoch Community Gardens Tenancy Agreement



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